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Our Story

Photographer Jonathan Ferguson's powerful and inspirational story of world travel and organ transplant survival has been the driving force in bringing Passport Puzzles to life. His stunning images speak a thousand words; one word for every piece of the puzzle. Jonathan's love for photography began during childhood where from a young age he would carry a camera wherever he went. As a teenager, he upgraded to his Mother’s well-used Pentax and began to develop his own images. Travelling has always been a huge influence throughout his life and has become a wonderful addiction.

In 2010, Jonathan was diagnosed with the rare liver disease - Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) - and was told that he would require a liver transplant within ten years. Over the next decade, Jonathan focused on what brought the most joy to his life, visiting many new destinations, spending time with family and even meeting the love of his life. Despite much discomfort, he continued to travel until shortly before receiving a transplant in June of 2020, during a global pandemic. His incredible brother was his living donor.

Having travelled in almost 80 countries, Jonathan's passion shines brightly through his visual storytelling and his ability to capture timeless, beautiful moments.

Learn more about Jonathan's transplant journey:

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Follow Jonathan's healing journey at loveandsurvive.com.

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Pamela Osborne Passport Puzzles Owner Founder

Owner and Founder, Pamela Osborne, has been a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast long before a global pandemic made them popular. Some of her earliest childhood memories include hovering over a classic teak table, carefully examining thousands of oddly-shaped interlocking pieces. When she wasn’t tickling ivory keys in her classical music training, refining choreography at the dance studio or keeping her nose to the grindstone in her studies, Pamela would spend hours on end, sometimes alongside her mom (also an avid puzzler) working on puzzles as a way to relax, unwind and get lost in the image she was piecing together.

Fast forward to 2020 and a towering stack of puzzles became Pamela's go-to activity to manage the stress, anxiety, uncertainty and fear that so many of us may have also experienced while in quarantine. Then, when an unexpected layoff in early 2021 paused her 15-year career as a Marketing and Communications Professional in the performing and creative arts industry, Pamela reframed it as an opportunity to take her lifelong hobby, which she now enjoys with her own daughter, to the next level.

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A portion of all proceeds will support organ donation awareness efforts, and assist transplant recipients and living donors carry on with a healthy and adventurous life.

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